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a person or thing that does the opposite of what society expects them to do. What they end up doing is generally annoying, frustrating, hurtful or illogical. It can be an organization like a school, a class course or a man or woman.
He said we would definitely hang out next week when he's free since he had a major paper to work on this weekend. That trick never texted me.

The professor told us the exam was going to be right like the practice one - but it was so much more difficult, almost impossible! That professor is such a trick.

I came to this school because they said it would be easy for people to study abroad. Now that I'm here, I have to go through a million protocols and conflicts just to get my application ready; and no one said anything about extra costs. This school is such a trick!
by RealStudent March 25, 2013
8 2
tRicK'(n.) A broad term for describing women who are either teases, hoes, or one of the above pretending to be the other. Calling a woman a trick shows you are not impressed/convinced by their shit.
Trick! Get out of my room! or Trick! get on your knees!
by AlphaSlick March 27, 2004
6823 2696
Term directed more toward females most commonly used for women who play with your head in the sense of acting like they want you one day and hardly noticing you the next or in simpler terms a woman who will suck you up but will fuck you up later on
"Man I don't need her, that bitch was nuthin' but a trick"
by Sal Espo May 06, 2005
2890 2027
A man who patronizes a prostitute. A prostitute's business is known as "turning tricks". Compare to john.
Sheila's clientele was upscale enough that she could afford to be selective about her tricks.
by Greenie March 24, 2004
2440 1865
Trick has different meanings depending on the context it is used.

Definition 1: A woman that teases a man in order to get her bills paid or gets him to buy her things. In return she pleases him physically either by having sex with him, kissing him, or giving him head.

Definition 2: A man that pays prostitutes for sex or a man that pays women to hang around him.

Definition 3: A person that purposely gossips or tells information about someone in order to get them in trouble and gets pleasure out of seeing someone's secrets become exposed in a way that ruins their reputation or makes them look bad.

Example:Mommy!! Mike got a F on his report card and was going to hide it from you. He hid it in the dog house outside.
by TrueEagle September 07, 2009
889 592
people a prostitue fucks
That hoe turns like 100 tricks a day
by Jack February 28, 2005
376 124
1. A derogatory term for women. This word is usually used by males referring to women who engage in sexually mishcievous behavior.

2. A prostitute's client. This led to the phrase "turning tricks," which is used to describe the act of prostitution.
(Origin: 1915)

3. A homosexual male who engages in casual sex.
"Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks."

"She's always on the corner turning tricks."

"I met that trick last weekend at a bar."
by Kaptain KrunK June 03, 2006
730 534
a generally derogatory comment about women. implies negitivity: a classy girl is not a trick, but hoes, teases, and ugly girls are.
"dude, she's just a trick. she's done the entire block... get over her."
by Superstevo August 03, 2006
884 720