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a girl that is nothin but a hood hoe. a girl that's a skank bitch. or just a female in general.
jenny and francis are some trick bitches.
by maniak killette April 01, 2004
A bitch who expects you to pay for everything without giving up the azz...
What? You want me to pay for dinner and you not give up the ass? Trickbitch!!!
AKA Grosse Pointe chicks.
by JIMMY THE GREEK September 30, 2004
One who offends another; one who is commonley afraid to do somthing.
Dude: You look kind of fat in that shirt.
Lady: Gee thanks, why do u have to be such a Tick Bitch?

Dude 1: All you have to do is jump in, it's not that high up!
Dude2: No! im not goin to, it's to high.
Dude1: Stop being a Trick Bitch and just jump!
by elseniorvictor February 19, 2011
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