one who cannot sexually choose between males, females, and themselves
Andrew: Damn, Sarah is looking fine is Jim... so is my hand.
Bill: Dude, you're sol trisexual
by dooblet February 16, 2011
One who is attracted to males, females and hermaphrodites.
Guy 1 "Do you think that guy is bisexual"

Guy 2 "No he's to weird for that he's definitely trisexual"
by XXX C-rad XXX March 29, 2010
A person who is interested in having sex not only with an opposite sex but also with same or anything. Trisexual is basically a person who will do anything to get pleasure, be it have sex with a girl, or have sex with a rubber doll. 95% of the time when a trisexual has sex with same gender, he does not have any kind of romantic feelings for him, just purely sexual desire for pleasure and nothing more.
Guy 1: He loves his girlfriend, but he wanted more then just pussy, so he tried having sex with a shemale to get pleasure from the anus g-spot.

Guy 2: So what does that make him?
Guy 1: Trisexual
by PsychoDevil March 23, 2010
a person who has sexual feelings towards men women and dogs. they enjoy saying how much they want a dog. they often deny this. often theis people own a dog.
colin- "i so want that dog"
john- "where do u want that dog? in the ass"
colin- "no im straight"
john- "then why do u shag your dog?"
colin- "i cant help it i need help"
john- "yes..yes u do"

bob- "what wrong with that guy"
john- "oh hes just trisexual"
by the maths crew :D March 07, 2010
People who are sexually attracted to tricycles
Person 1: He ended up spending the night with a tricycle
Person 2: Oh my god! I never knew that he was a trisexual!
by Megacherv October 25, 2009
Someone who will do anything with anybody. This could be someone cheating or someone who is bisexual, or even both.
Steve: Is Jane going out with David?

John: Yeah, but I heard she's trisexual!
by uddude June 22, 2011
A person who switches between being straight, gay and bi-sexual based on their mood and current emotions.
Julie- "Wow, he's really cute."
Anne- "Oh yeah, he is."
~fifteen minutes later~
Julie- "Omigosh. Check out that chick over there!"
Anne- "Wait... I thought you were straight. You're bi?"
Julie- "Nope. I'm just trisexual."
by slayson October 03, 2010

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