to have sex with your own sex, the opposite sex and yourself...and possibly animals, i don't know whether they count as hairy people.
oh my! a trisexual, don't you want to just be sick, they are so disgusting, sex withoneself, then others...of both sexes!?!?
by jack February 11, 2005
a person attracted to men, women, and farm animals
She's so tri-sexual, look at her orgy, she invited a sheep!
by bi.chick February 23, 2008
Anyone who likes Animals, Plants, and Machines.
Eric - Well last night, I was with my girlfriend, a venus fly trap, and a car tail pipe.
Dave - So you're tri-sexual?
by Dale Hallam February 23, 2008
A term used to describe three people that have a special friendship with one another. Not in a homosexual way, but in a "best friends" way.
Echo: Im so done with guys.
Jianna & Selena: Yeah, f*** guys, we have eachother.
Echo, Jianna, Selena: yeah, we're TRI-SEXUAL.
by Jiselecho Malitente. February 23, 2008
Tri-Sexual is the sexual preference of Males, Females and animals.
I would screw the cat but im not a Trisexual.
by Robby October 16, 2004
someone who like girls, guys, and hampsters
feltcher sometimes questions if he is tri-sexual, but we all know he is.
by imnotri-sexual October 29, 2006
One who is attracted to the opposite sex,and is not attracted to the same sex,so they are not lesbian\gay\bisexual...but rather "open" with their love,realizing that love has nothing to do with gender,it is unconditional,so they are open to the same sex as well,and are willing if they ever fall in love, to be with the same sex person and do not mind being involved with them sexually or whatever.
Also,lol,tri-sexual's ARE NOT attracted to animals,lmao,thats "beastiality" and just plain weird and sick...ew :S :P
Jane is straight, she had sex with linda, but does not have a thing for girls,so she is not lesbian\bi-sexual, as she is attracted to the opposite sex,Jane fell in love with linda,not because linda was a female, but because of who linda was,so she is sexually open,and could if she wanted be classified as "tri-sexual"
by ACbsdgfgf October 28, 2007

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