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A female or male, usually a female though, who claims to either have previously or is willing to currently try any sexual act, at least once. Also called a trysexual.
Male to female: So how do you feel about Menage a trois?

female to male: Well, I'm a tri-sexual, so i'll try anything once! And if i like it...well, then you can just call me a freak.
by Nay December 20, 2004
35 44
the definition of someone who will "try" anything sexual.
person 1 : whats your sexual preference?

person 2 : hey man i'll do anything, im TRI-SEXUAL
by David Towle June 03, 2004
2910 803
a person who is sexually attracted to men, women, and tricycles.
Mike: "yo, what's that guy doing with that bike?"

Steve: "No dude it's cool, he's probably just a trisexual."
by GRG12467 October 26, 2008
525 294
A person or persons actively engaging in sexual intercourse with anyone or anything, be he, she, or it animate or inanimate.
That man, he a trisexual!
by ShoYooRight March 02, 2003
424 299
a person who's into girls, guys, and seahorses.
Omg what is that guy doing to that seahorse? Is he tri-sexual?
by Talhoino November 02, 2008
256 169
A person who is physically attracted to men, women and animals.
My trisexual beliefs get me in trouble at church and the petting zoo.
by Nick LaRose July 10, 2008
252 183
Someone who is willing to try anything, that is, a man or woman willing to experiment repeatedly with members of the same sex but who is primarily attracted to the opposite sex. See bicurious.
The word trisexual originated from the TV show Sex in the city.
by OneBadAsp October 27, 2006
252 211
Someone who likes men, women, transexuals and/or transgenders
"I like men, women, and transgenders"
"You must be a trisexual"
by Dray-dae September 13, 2006
182 155