Instead of saying WWW. (which is nine syables, ten with the dot) a person says tri-dub dot whatever.
tri-dub dot urbandionary dot com
by rockville guy June 17, 2009
Top Definition
WWW; world wide web; only two syllables versus nine in "double-u-double-u-double-u"
"go to tri-dub dot google dot com."
by Gary LaPook October 14, 2004
Used in place of "double-u double-u double-u" before the "dot com" of a website address in spoken conversation. Who has time to spell out that tongue twister anyway?
"Oh, go check out the latest slang at tri-dub urban dictionary dot com."
by Tyler Geel February 08, 2008
an alternate way of phrasing the beginning of a Universal Resource Locator aka URL, web address beginning with "www." Instead of "doubleyou, doubleyou, doubleyou", tri-dub abbreviates the same thing.
The name of this website is h t t p, colon, forward slash forward slash, tri-dub, urban dictionary dot com.
by Indigo April 27, 2004
An abbreviation for "www" in web addresses for lazy people.
Did you see that new word on tridub (dot) urbandictionary (dot) com?
by LL0wliet January 01, 2009
I'm tired of saying "www." and while most people don't say that anymore, some websites require that you either include "www" or leave it off in order to be directed to the proper site. Hence the term tri dubs, or triple W's
man that site tri dubs dot urban dictionary dot com is awesome.
by Wee_Dizzle November 11, 2009
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