A person,, BOY
who looks like and Arab but is a mixed peron with PRETTY EYES and cute hair a person who smokes alot of weed. has alot of swag and all the girls love him he has HOES ON HIS DICK:)!
by Lil'tunechi C October 19, 2011
tre'von is usually a guy that is very funny & kind with a best friend named mondo
damnnnnnn tre'von is HILLARIOUS!
by yesssdoo January 17, 2011
a true best friend who will always be there for you. you can talk to him about everything 😃
Trevon is the fam
by anonymous 23a December 01, 2014
A hot blonde, with blue eyes, and who's super chill and slays girls usually named Charlene! Funny and cool, likely to grow up to be famous
Damn son u must be a Trevon
by Slayed ur bitch May 13, 2016
A guy with no friends who tries to act cool and acts like he is awesome at every sport but sucks.
That kid is such a Tre'von... He acts so cool but fails every time.
by jc84 May 16, 2015
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