n. one whose gender identity is usually or always female and who has cycled through three or more sexual identities in recent memory -- at one time being straight, then gay, then bisexual, etc., in no particular order.
Debbie's gone through two chicks and one dude and one she-male in the past year. She's turning into a real tresbian.
by grover January 29, 2004
Top Definition
An MTF transgendered woman who identifies as a lesbian.
-z0mg, Becky, lyk I totally hooked up with Mitzi last night.
-The tranny? But wait, shouldn't she be into guys?
-Way to perpetuate rigid gender binaries. She's a tresbian!
by Dykonoclast July 02, 2006
A man or a woman who only partakes in sexual activity where more than 2 people are present.
Did you see kenny go off with those two huge girls? I hear he is a tresbian now...
by Fishcayke January 25, 2012
A man who became a woman, then converted to lesbianism.
My boss became a Tresbian last year, what the hell?
by Jubruption June 19, 2015
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