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I guess there could be many different definitions when it comes to "trendies", but this is what they basically are at my school:<br><br>

The first thing you should know when it comes to trendies is that they travel in groups. However, this isn't because they want to seem intimidating or better than everyone else. It's simply because they like having people around them. These groups usually range from 3 to about 15 trendies. They don't hang out with people who aren't like them, but it's not that they're mean to them. They just ignore them. Unfortunately, many people don't like to be ignored, that is why trendies get a bad reputation amongst those that aren't, well, trendies.<br><br>

Guys: Are always, and I mean always, hot. All trendy guys have at least two girls in "love" with them. Some very lucky ones may have up to 20. They go through at least 10 girlfriends each year, but they usually make out with only one or even none. They listen to music ranging from pop-punk to hard rock, with the very uncommon exception of hip hop. Their report cards usually have about 3 As, 5 Bs, and at least 1 C, if not D or F, and if not more. At school, they're always with a group of other trendy guys. After school, they usually hang out on the curb with a small group of trendy girls, usually 2 to 4.<br>
As for how they look, it's not really hard to recognize them. They wear striped polos, sometimes over a long sleeved shirt, or fall out boy, my chemical romance, or green day t-shirts. (Honestly, those are the only bands.) As for their pants, they are usually tight jeans that fall just slighly over their shoes, that are always faded and sometimes ripped. They may sometimes wear shorts, that reach about an inch above their knees. Their shoes are their trademark. They are almost always skater shoes, DCs and Emericas being the most common. They may sometimes, but VERY rarely, be Vans. These shoes are always black and white, sometimes with the addition of red or dark blue. As for their hair, it usually reaches just below the ears, but is sometimes a bit longer. They ALL, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, know how to skateboard.<br><br>

Girls: Don't necessarily have to be hot, but guys still like them. Trendy girls usually have only 5 boyfriends each year, but make out with 4, if not all 5 of them. They'll listen to any music ranging from pop-punk to hip-hop. (That includes all pop and r&b.) They aren't much smarter than trendy guys, but their report cards are more often straight As and Bs, with a C sometimes. Ds and Fs are very uncommon.<br>
Their clothes are always branded. Abercrombie, Hollister, and PacSun (Roxy, Billabong, etc.) are the brands they'll usually wear. They love long, vintage tees and tight little sweaters. They wear incredibly tight jeans almost every day. Some of them may roll them up into capris. Just like guys' jeans, theirs are also always faded and sometimes ripped. Skirts are hardly ever worn, but if they are, they are 3 to 6 inches above the knees, and incredibly light and flippy. They are always layered, usually with 2, and sometimes 3 layers, and black or white. Hanging belts may sometimes be attached to the skirt on the hips, natural colors for white and metallic for black. Girls also wear skater shoes, most often black and pink or white DCs. Vans are a bit more common among them than the guys. Hair can be any length from 3 inches below the ears to halfway down the back. Streaks, preferably blond, are also very popular among trendy girls. Most of them CAN'T skateboard.
Trendy Girl: Let's go make out!
Trendy Guy: Nah, I think I'll go out on my skateboard.
by ~*somebody hates u*~ May 29, 2006
A trendy is a social categorisation of person who follows modern fashion and listens to mainstream music, having no music genre in particular they follow. The common belief held by many alternatives that trendies lack 'individuality' is incorrect, and can also be applied to other social groups concerning their own appearence. Quite hypocritical really.

Typical trendy guys dress in denim, commonly wearing tight jeans. The jeans are usually long enough to overflow over a trendy's well-maintained trainers, just over the trainer's tongue. They usually wear short sleeve t-shirts of top names such as FCUK, and may wear a jacket (commonly denim). Trendy guys' hair are styled with gel, and they commonly decorate themselves with moderate amounts of jewerery (not too much bling).

Trendy girls are easier to recognise. They are 'shopaholics', and therefore wear the lastest top fashion clothes. They are notoriously known for tight-fitting jeans bearing words such as 'hooch' or 'angel' at the rear. Belly buttons are exposed in fine weather (usually pierced) by their wearing of small tops. Hair styles range (and change) from different styles, but are always kept feminine. Make-up is usually worn in vast amounts, particuarly eye shadow and blusher. Fake tan is also popular.

The view shared by other groups is that trendies are simply 'wannabe townies'. This is wrong. Trendies are a separate social group from townies and the two can be defined differently. Basically it depends on the person themselves and their behaviour towards people, and attitudes. Trendies are typically intelligent, decent, friendly people (much opposed to townies) with a sense of independance and direction. Despite liking to have a good time, and a fondness of getting drunk, their behaviour is never abusive or harmful (not intentionally anyway!)
A typical scenario:

Alternative1: Ha, look, it's a trendy! They all look the same!
Alternative2: Yeah! Wannabe townies, the lot of them!
Trendy: What's their problem?
by The Omnicient April 30, 2004
A scourge which is arriving, in Britain anyway, not sure about other places...

Trendies are, on the surface, the "cool" people in their 20's, your stereotypical student, clean, almost "grown up" looking youths.

However in reality most are incredibly conceited, IMMATURE, arrogant, personality devoid, and nasty people, who are ridiculously cold to "ousiders".

With music and fashion they are infinitely malleable. They positively lap up the music MTV and NME Magazine dictates to them to like, however unlike the mallcore crowd, they do this activity shamelessly, and in the case of fashion, they wear what ghastly womens magazines/"lads mags" say is "hot" or simply what celebs (celebrities) like to wear, the latter are worshipped, especially if they tie-in with sport or the most popular television shows, the trendy will regurgitate the stupidest catchphrase from the stupidest show ad nauseum, until it's uncool to do so of course...

Quite possibly the most narrow minded group of people, and absolutely adamant about not letting others into their circles of friends, they'd rather be seen dead than seen being friends with someone with an "uncool" haircut, unless you match them exactly, trying to start a convo with one will be met with silence, blatent ignoring. This is contrasting to the crowd of trendies, which are, in most cases, as rowdy as they come. Although they rarely resort to physical violence the trendy has nothing but contempt for anyone out of the "norm", shouts to strangers who look different will usually be hilariously innaccurate, for example, calling people who wear heavy metal shirts, "goths".

A trendy is a walking set of contradicting philosophies which have been melded together by the media, the biggest contradiction of them all is thinking they are incredibly urbane and "grown up" when in fact they listen to pop music aimed at teenyboppers and, even worse, holding onto this attitude of "we are the cool kids and you are all sad geeks" into ages as ridiculous as their late 20's, something that most people outgrew before reaching teenagehood.

Everything which the masses like becomes part of every trendies outlook and philosophy, a trait they share with the poser, only instead of trying to get into a local clique or copying an idol they wish to be what they are dictated to be, along with the ever present arrogant-obnoxious personality, as someone said, they are quite possibly the shallowest herd there is, if it became "cool" to wear shit-streaked underpants on our head, the trendy would do this without even thinking about it.
Metalhead is 5 years or so younger than Trendy:

Trendy: Metal all sounds the same! I listen to decent bands like The Arctic Monkeys, The Fratellis...
Metalhead: No offence dude but I think that about the sort of bands you listen to, maybe I don't have an ear for that type of music, fair enough, I just know that metal like Korpiklaani and Freedom Call sound slightly different from TestAmenT and Razor to me...
Trendy: Whatever, you listen to your shitty shouting satan music then, the only good metal is System of a down.
Metalhead: They're ok, but they aren't metal.
Trendy: LOLOLOLOL!1 I bet <bands most well known song> is heavier than any of your... TestAmenT whatever... hahaha
*Trendy walks away*
Metalhead: *to self trying not to laugh* God... Trendies...

Trendy Girl: You should wear this.
Non-Trendy Guy: Why?
Trendy Girl: Because it would look hot.
Non-Trendy Guy: So, I should wear clothes I personally HATE, simply to be attractive to the opposite sex? How stupid...
*Trendy Girl tries to process the fact people can wear clothes THEY want to, fails, and walks off, her natural trendy instinct of getting away from the "loser" kicking in*

Trendy: Look at that idiot, his shirt looks so gay, who the fuck would wear a pink shirt?
*fast forward to when they are popular*
Trendy: *wearing a pink shirt like everyone else* Look at my shirt, it's "sick"... Pretty cool how I started the whole wearing pink thing around here.
*an arguement starts over who started it, the person they took the piss out of before would be conviniently forgotton. Also goes for bands they took the piss out of when not popular.(Trendies are the inheriters of Orwell's Doublethink)*

^ Above are practically real examples, sadly.
by PsychoFox May 10, 2007
A word that's used to describe something (mainly fashion and music) that is "hip" and "cool". Many times MTV uses this word to hide the fact that they are secretly trying to turn it's viewers into drones who look exactly alike, and like the same music.
Fashion and music should be something someone actually likes because they think it's cool, not because everyone else thinks it is.
by TallicaD00dX August 13, 2004
A 'teenage tribe' of Britain.They're not townies nor sk8ers,but:

1.Celebrity obsessed shitholes who read OK magazine and other such crap.

2.The males tend to read FHM and worship bimbo sluts like Jordan!

3.They are driven by mainstream,popular culture and only relate to those who watch soaps and other such crap(eg Footballers' Wives).

4.They love shit pop or dance music!

5.The male dress code:Denim,loose,hanging shirts and styled hair.Females:Denim and anything with a designer logo.

I fucking hate them-total scum of society!
We're dressed like shots and then we fuck each other!
by Nite September 07, 2003
-Power in Numbers-once people start seeing it, it becomes more wearable to a mainstream audience but then on the reverse, as weird goth people start seeing it on more people, it becomes a ‘conformism’ and they start chasing new extreme fashions (mainly from America, and odd European Countries and their old fashions i.e Leather boots and cast iron objects) and the first fashion continues to become more and more mainstream through the mcjb theory consisting of 3 parts:

1. Models start wearing them but still to extreme to main audience

2.‘Out there soft core punk chicks’ who have normal boyfriends who just like a little bit of ‘punk’ in their worthless lives (cough Good Charlotte) begin wearing these clothes they have seen on ‘kerazy’ fashion shows and magazines.

3.Due to the punk chicks getting ‘hot’ boyfriends because of this ‘spunk’ the normal girls start to wear these clothes based on jealousy, hereby displaying an increasing power of numbers theory (An item becomes more accepted and less “trendy” as more people start wearing it, as the numbers wearing the product increases, its trendiness somewhat decreases).

-Conclusion: In conclusion a ‘trendy’ object starts out being weird until it is picked up by a fashionable source consisting of models, stars and fashion labels further endorsing the product that is ‘trendy’ into the mainstream.
"wow I only saw that on freakish Goth people before but now a hot chick is wearing it, its trendy! can I pull it off?"
by Mc/Jb August 11, 2006
adj. Following the crowd, just like a mindless sheep.

noun. A mindless sheep who follows the crowd. Never, ever thinks. Never strives to be a unique individual. Someone who is not a leader, but a follower.
It's trendy to get a tattoo, so Lisa got a tattoo. It's trendy to eat deep fried Twinkies, so Mona eats deep fried Twinkies. It's trendy to become a poofter, so Lennie decided to become a poofter. It's trendy for effeminate guys to drive chick cars, so Brian drives a chick car. All of these people are trendy.
by Tuna Wanda May 28, 2005
Someone who wears fashionable clothing and sometimes follows a croud to fit in. They are not chavs or punk or emos. They are fashionables. They were different clothing but not unique.
jenny is a trendy cause she wears fanshionable clothing
by Jobe__ November 13, 2005