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"Mother looking at me..tell me what do you see. Yes I've lost My miiiiiiiinnnd!"
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usually a 16-20 year old female that makes out with chicks for attention and claims to be bi because if she didnt guys wouldnt pay attention.
any drunk average looking 18 yearold
by the the only starrie. February 05, 2003
female that says that she enjoys other women solely in order to get easy attention from dumb men. rapidly becoming the oldest trick in the book.
That beeyotch don't eat no tang...she ain't nuttin but a trendsbian. Just
any female engaging in same sex interaction for the purpose of obtaining attention or popularity
She is such the trendsbian
by JediAndi April 04, 2003
A girl who, to gain attention of peers and males, pretends to be bisexual or homosexual. They usually express this acquired "alternative" lifestyle loudly and publicly, so EVERYONE knows and can gawk at just how punk rawk they are. Trendbians will announce in large groups that they kissed a girl, only to bask in the attention. A trendsbian will only hold hands with or sexually express themselves with another girl in public, preferrably around young males.
Shannon, being a trendsbian, helds hands with Mellissa as they walked through the mall.
by Laura February 28, 2005
The process of a female having sex or a relationship with another female but not actualy being gay. Most trendsbians are females wanting attention.
"No one paid Crystal any attention, so to get it she became a trendsbian"
by JimboNoobo March 23, 2003
anyone who is part of a sorority
1. "So whatd you ladies do last night at pi gamma?"
2. "Well, the sisters got into a naked pillow fight."
by The Big Nug T April 13, 2003
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