a person/s who wanna-be skaters by dressing like them even tho they are not skaters and women who dress in tight white pants FMB's, a mini skirt and tube top.
Gemma Hall, Katie Ross
by Brother Number One December 08, 2003
same as townie or chav.
mindless dipshit who wears 5 tons of gold round their necks and calls anyone who doesn't have ridiulous ballet shoes or trainers with 10 million miles of springs in the heels. Usually found at night on a street corner getting drunk on shandy and shouting abuse at anyone and everyone who walks by. Also finds it amusing to slag off anyone alternative. Can be identified by the huge air filled space between two ears
stupid phrases include:
nah dan, rapid
gangstaaa wot ya sayin
yes yes
by rach May 02, 2004
Wannabe townie or grunger.
"Dude, look at that fag trendie there, he changed his taste in music twice to fit in."
by Soiled Undergarment August 18, 2003
a trendie is someone who wears sports clothes actually and are not goths but the actual opposite!
by Xxbabyprincess October 20, 2003
a wannabe townie, or goth or anyone who tries to be somethign coz its COOL
Kids in linkin park or slipknot hoodies
by Toby May 28, 2003
noobs who wona b cool
andy halsey
by Greeny November 30, 2003

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