same as townie or chav.
mindless dipshit who wears 5 tons of gold round their necks and calls anyone who doesn't have ridiulous ballet shoes or trainers with 10 million miles of springs in the heels. Usually found at night on a street corner getting drunk on shandy and shouting abuse at anyone and everyone who walks by. Also finds it amusing to slag off anyone alternative. Can be identified by the huge air filled space between two ears
stupid phrases include:
nah dan, rapid
gangstaaa wot ya sayin
yes yes
by rach May 02, 2004
Top Definition
Well, explanations of the term trendie are all very negative. It seems I define differently to what you all think. Agree or disagree, here I go: true, trendies are followers of fashion but NOT of townies, and are definately not wanting to be like them. Although trendies are commonly linked with townies, and in some cases do inherit some of their characteristics (usually their dress code), they are different. Different in the way they usually have some form of intellect and of decency. Perhaps you'd like to think of trendies as 'watered-down' versions of townies without the anti social behaviour. But if you take a look around, a large proportion of teenagers are trendies. This is a fact. In short: a trendie is a common fellow who follows in fashion, usually listening to mainstream music and demonstrates an acceptable amount of decency towards people.
Walk outside. If they have gelled hair, wearing denim, some jewery, and a brand-name t-shirt or other piece of clothing (e.g. adidas), you're looking at a trendie. NOT a townie, nor a person trying to be like one.
by Matt April 29, 2004
A trendie is someone who wears denim or tracksuits and named clothes such as FCUK, some smoke, some do not, most of these Trendies get on with Chavs, Townies, Punks, Greebos and anyone alike, they do hold grudges against anyone. They listen to dance music and rnb.
An intelligent well behaved Chav in FCUK.
Does NOT cause trouble.
by ????????????????????????? December 06, 2005
A friendlier, more likeable version of a townie.
Goth: Is he likely to give us a beating?
More knowledgable Goth: Na we'll be ok hes a trendy
by Gavin May 15, 2004
a person that follows a trend and has no brain
"trendie scum"
"hahaha look its a trendie"
by danny December 10, 2003
A zealot who religiously keeps up with the latest fashion styles and buzzwords. Usually the person is a class slacker who is poor from spending so much money on clothes that are only popular for three days.
That wannabe gangsta sported the latest FUBU gear and spoke slang like 50 Cent.
by AYB June 24, 2003
erm,kind of difficult to trendie'ness' is found in all or most of us.I dont think that it is really very fair saying,a person wearing all of the latest 'paul and shark' gear is trendy,yes,they are,but a rocker has also followed a trend thru what they are wearing/listening to,unless they are able to make there own true original style,which,is a bit challenging in this day and age without looking/feeling completely silly.i use the word to describe people who'm wear and listen to,all of the latest,fashionable things.but this isnt really politically correct.most nu-metal fans or,people whom have recently jumped into the rock/alternative scene are,in my eyes,waywaywayway more trendie than somebody whom has always wore the latest fashions,this shows that they are easily influenced by what everyone else is doing,but,i rocker would never admit to being trendy,because it gos against what they believe in (or have been believing in,since they first heard the off-spring in 2003),and therefore,trendy.the person at the bottom of this page,or just above this post has the right idea................i think
easily influenced by your peers.
want to blend in with the masses/or your group of friends.
ooh,i like that trendy t-shirt/hair cut,ill get it my self.
by paul sproey May 15, 2004
Townie in denial but slightly better dressed!
Britney Spears (whore)
by Evl-Sph October 03, 2004
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