Someone who follows every single overrated trend high school has to offer.

Trendfags are some of the highest ranked losers you will meet in your high school / junior high lifetime, and usually will fall into one of these two categories:

-An eleven year old girl who lurks MySpace all too much. Has a high pitched voice that you can hear from across any sized room, and you can spot her right away by her highlighter skinny jeans and gross colored hair.

-A twenty-four year old girl/boy who never grew up and out of the high school scene. They add people half their age on MySpace, and insist on making themselves look like fools with their adolescent style and lack of maturity.
"Look at her neon yellow skinny jeans, BMTH shirt, and pink hair. Goodness, that's a trendfag if I ever saw one."
-High pitched sound equivalent to a dying pig-

"0h 3m g33! cMmt mY n3w p1c lUUv! <33 PiC f3r PiC!"
"Good God, you trendfag, grow up. You're as old as the dinosaurs you 'lUUv'. GET A LIFE."
by Birdss. April 19, 2010
Top Definition
A guy or girl who is not really gay but decides to give it a try just because it's so trendy and all their friends are doing it.
Johnny: Hey Peter you know my new friend at work Antoine that cool guy I was telling you about?
Peter: The one who has nothing but girl friends and drives a Porche
Johnny: Yeah him. Well the other day I found out he's gay. I figured if he's that cool I might as well give it a try too. So I did.
Peter: Really?
Johnny: Yeah I took the shaft.
Peter: Hmmmmmmm... Maybe I should try it too!!
by Tommy R May 25, 2005
A person who cannot stop themselves from using every annoying goddamn trendy word they can. They are probably trendy in more ways, but this is the part of it that sticks out the most, as it is the most annoying.
Guy 1: "I haven't even taken a bio break since I started this toon, and I'm dinging like crazy. It's been nothing but quest, rinse, and repeat."

Guy 2: "Please go die, trendfag"
by Mcbuff May 31, 2011
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