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someone who likes to trek across rough terrian
"that guy is a snow trekker"

"he went to get snow trekker gear"

"those are some mean snow trekker boots"
by arkitecta84 February 22, 2010
A person who appreciates the entertainment value of Star Trek and/or one of its many incarnations and:

1) Understands the difference between reality and the crap on the tube be it 'Star Trek', 'The Simple Life' or 'Jerry Springer'.

2) Does NOT dress up as a ST character for Halloween or any other occassion ( but may wear a Nixon or Clinton mask for giggles and grins when drinking ).

3) Does NOT live in mommies basement. (attic, or crawl-space under the stairs).

4) Has had real, live, in-person sexual relations with another living, breathing human being.

5) Would rather sleep with Elisha Cuthbert than Seven-of-Nine.
Leonard Nimoy is not a trekker.
by jonmiguel May 01, 2006
1) A devoted fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation and the subsequent Star Trek series.

2) Does not grok Spock
"John is a trekker."
by Jamieson Scott June 25, 2005
Someone who is obsessed with Star Trek. A nerd. Hates being called a trekkie because trekkies are more "extreme" with their obsession.
William Shatner thinks trekkers are annoying.
by crazymalicous May 28, 2005
A STNG enthusiast.
Being a trekker, I particularly like the flexibility of Brent Spiner (Data).
by Benjamin Dover May 06, 2003
Sgt. Quinney non-believer
Sgt. Quinney is a non-believer in the definitions of Trekker and Trekkie
by william shatner November 25, 2003