When your partner lets you have sex in her ass on the rarest of occasions. Or if your woman is particulaly cool it can be when you don't abuse the privalage.
Baby, I have been a good boy all year, I think I deserve a treat tonight.

Or; No baby not tonight, that would make it the fourth time this week and I don't want to spoil a good thing.
by leper god June 11, 2009
when your smoking a pipe full of marijuana with no screen and you suck ashes through the pipe into your mouth.
yech,you need to clean your bowl,I just got treats.
by sky May 09, 2003
Food that one splurges on that is a specialty item that would not have been eaten in a daily routine of one's daily meals.
1) Today I passed by Little Italy and helped myself to some treats as I got fried oreo's and zeppoli's.

2) I will be rembered for a lifetime as I was outside of Cold Stone and smashed some kids treat into his face.
by GittyTy October 24, 2006
A person who is undesirable or lame
They made me pass the ball to that treat.
by Schwank November 03, 2004
Oral sex given by a woman to a man. Usually given as a reward.
"Zeke, you know Jennifer at the party last night? She gave me treats."
by Bigboi1765 March 09, 2007
When smoking pot using a POS pipe, if you suck too hard you get "a treat" when the pot goes in your mouth.
Ewww I sucked a treat in!
by Jake Jacobs June 03, 2004
used by bmxers in se uk, similar to belter
"we drank 40's and rode street all night, it was a treat"
by cellardoor4130 May 28, 2005

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