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When you get a blowjob and the girl puts your nuts inside her mouth with your penis
Trask's Mom turned what I thought was just a blowjob into the magical TREASURE CHEST!
by wsuBlaze March 14, 2006
when wearing a strapless dress, it refers to the area created between the boobs, where items can be placed and stored.
Friends tried to see how many items could be tossed into Kristin's treasure chest while she was drunk on her birthday.
by munchkinht April 06, 2010
an external hard drive for storing pirated media. Sometimes kept in a hidden location that can only be found with a treasure map.
John uses a treasure chest to store all of his pirated movies.
by Kwanza365 December 31, 2014
A box where one keeps all their freaky sex toys, and accesories (such as S&M or bondage gear). Usually hid in a dark closet, attic or under one's bed.
I found Steve's treasure chest. It was full of anal beads, ribbed double sided dildos, handcuffs, 3 different whipes, ass-less chaps, a leash, and a gagball. Steve is one sick fuck.
by Al-Star October 26, 2005
The "lady-like" way to refer to the breasts, one of many "fun parts" on a woman.
I'm the only girl on that list; If anyone has a treasure chest, it's me!
by HugeBreasticle April 07, 2005
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