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Tre Cool means very cool but Frank Edwin Wrgiht changed his name to Tre Cool. He is the Lead singer of Green Day after the origanal Drummer left.
He is a rock Sensation.
Tre Cool is the drummer of Green Day
by Punk_Princess July 29, 2005
A drummer from Greenday the American band. Or something really good. That little bit better than cool.
"wow that was Trécool!"
by weeel June 09, 2007
my husband. obsessed with `the bullwinkle` and `cheech`.
i didnt marry this bish for nothing!
by mollyCOOL April 12, 2005
1)Drummer from Green Day
3)Person who strongly resambles Big Bird
Tre Cool has a big nose
by Billielover25 March 21, 2005
Is the drummer of the band green day.
'tre cool' isn't even his real name.

'tre cool', more like 'tre uncool'.
"Good Charlotte have nothing to do with punk rock music. They're just a pop band trying to be punk band." -tre cool

Not that I care whether GC is 'punk' or not; but who made him the judge of whats 'punk' and whats not? And why does he even care? Its just music.
by Jadyn May 12, 2005
An untalented drummer for a horrible band. Is also is a homosexual and dislikes women.
I saw tre cool on MTV yesterday...He said he likes to climb things. He was talking with a heavy lisp.
by Gogo February 19, 2005