A total funny mofo who is the drummer for Green Day. Like A Rat Does Cheese is a totally funny song. Dominated Love Slave is funny. DUI is my new fave song of his... And I have a "Who The Fuck Is Tre Cool?" cursor... just thought I would share that :p
"Suck my dick til your lips fall off, don't make ma ask again, pleeeeeeeeeease!" (Like A Rat Does Cheese)
"I wanna be your dominated love slave... I wanna be the one who takes the pain..." (Dominated Love Slave)
"Lets get drunk and go out driving..." (DUI)
by Monique April 04, 2005
1. The drummer from Greenday
2. Major European slang for something that is beyond cool.
1. "I heard Tre Cool Is Davey Havok's bitch"
2. "That movie last night was tre cool"
by Sadie March 16, 2005
Very cool. Actually that isn't even how you spell it. But i'm not complaining. Because Tre is the hottest guy IN the universe, the best drummer of them all, and also the funniest most crazy guy ever. Also the object of affection of Celina. I.e. me. Because I have made out with his feet which were standing on the stage by my house. Things he has done:
1)Climbed the globe thing at universal studios, the only person to ever do that.
2) Eaten cement. Along with clumps of a women's period.
3)Had a testicle pushed inside him. Now has but one testicle. Still, I love him.
4) Had sex with BJ. They were very drunk. He has kids. He is not gay.
5) Wishes to dress in drag for the possible AI movie. I'll be the first one in theaters.
6) Many, many things unmentionable to this public.
Tre says... "Condoms are for sailors!"
by dmntdlveslve June 21, 2005
Tre rocks! best drummer ever! he is also VERY sexy and a bit crazy but i still luv him very much! soo sexay! yummm!!
sexy drummer from green day.... very sexy drummer....
by greendaygrl17 January 03, 2005
1.A drummer for Green Day
2. An expression for something incredibly cool
1. Tre'Cool is Green Day's drummer
2. Wow, that Green day shirt is so Tre Cool
by Kerplunker45 August 15, 2004
THe Frickin coolest drummer in the universe!!
So talented, always horny!
Tre cool fuckin rocks.
by True Irish Lassie May 14, 2005
tre beats the shit out of drums. he says he can suck his own, and he made up a sex position called the bullwinkle, and also made up AFIliner. all in one interview. he can often be seen being a badass guy, and wearing guyliner. he also enjoys chocolate milk, and exploding in billie joe's mouth.
Punk girl: isn't tre cool sooooo hawt with his eyeliner and painted nails?
lesbian: no, he just looks like a fag
Punk girl: fuck you pussy.
by punx rock August 22, 2010
coolest guy in the world i love him so much he is like a HOT Teddy bear waiting to be cuddled!!

Best band in the world!!!!
woman 1: who is that hot guy

ME: Thats Tre i would love to fuck him!!!
by Nikki January 17, 2005

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