A .380 Semi-auto pistol. Weights roughly 3 pounds.

The most common is the Walther PPK, the gun made famous by 007, James Bond.
A clean tre pound wit no bodies on it usually run around $250 in the hood.
by Chase December 05, 2006
Top Definition
slang term for .357 Magnum
you know I'm rockin with the best, tre pound on my hip, teflon on my chest
by Ho-Town May 04, 2005
a gun, specifically 357, hence tre (tres; spanish)
"Tre pound's in the house, bad news"
by 3dubz June 06, 2006
A slang term for a .357 Magnum firearm, usually a revolver
A shortened version of Tre Pound Seven, Which means 357 refering to the caliber of the gun.
"The nozzle on my Tre Pound is three inches long, and the kick on a four four is extremely strong" -50 Cent, I run NY
by Alkapwn January 28, 2009
its a 38' in other words a gun.
let me hold the 38' ill give it back
by PARLAE September 19, 2004
a gun such as a glock
"tre pound on my hip teflon on my chest" the game how we do
by 50 Cent 05 February 19, 2005
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