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One of the steeziest skateboarding tricks ever created.

First performed by Rodney Mullen, it is executed by performing a 360 Pop Shove-it and a kickflip at the same time.
Wow, that tre flip was so steezy.
by Skate_Lakai52 July 10, 2008
when a skateboard does a 360 pop shove it and a kick flip at the same time. You also have to land on the board.
also know as a "360 flip" or "3 flip"
by n333m August 27, 2004
a 360 flip, or a 360 pop shuv it and a kickflip. a very Steezy trick.
Hey John, that was a Buttery ass Tre Flip. I liked the added steeze bro. Wanna go some some pots?
by PantherMeat October 07, 2009
Another name for a 360 flip on a skateboard.
Damn dude! Koston just tre-flipped a 12(stair).
by Chris yo! November 12, 2005
A threesome involving two males and a female
That girl last night was totally down to throw a tre flip with Marc and I!
by McFisto February 01, 2011
a 360 kickflip performed on a skate board
That tre flip was totaly radballs!
by urs truly June 12, 2007
kickflip fronside 360 shuvit, on a skateboard.
tre flips are hard as hell.
by awsomeness25 January 31, 2008