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1. (v) The act of moving from one place to another, often used to describe great distances or faraway destinations. Transporation.
2. (n, pl.) The reference to events that occur during one's visit to another place.
1. Bill traveled to England during his last vacation.
2. In all my travels, I've never seen anything so strange!
by discountalligator July 09, 2003
25 39
To move from point to point, often done at the spur of a moment.
Travel entertains the midgets.
by Rie July 11, 2003
48 20
In the vernacular of mountain biking: a term referring to the movement of a shock or fork.
Snowflake has 7-inches of travel on his new Marzocchi mtb fork. He rolls over rocks like there're nothing.
by mikwat May 20, 2004
23 36
(verb) In personals ads or Internet chat arrangements for casual sex, the act of going to the home of the trick, who is the host.
"I am married, so I must travel to your place."
by Kyle December 06, 2003
31 48