A term commonly used by soldiers in the US Army for when some thing doesn't meet the standards or is in disarray.
Drill Sergeant- "Privates this barracks looks like straight up trash dick, FRONT LEANING REST POSITION MOVE!"
by SPC Burns April 09, 2012
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(adj.)- A promiscuous male.

This is a man who'll put his dick in any and all types of pussy. He sleeps around excessively with many different females and probably has suffered from at least 1 STD in his life....therefore, making his dick "trash". The cool term for this is playa but to females a trash dick is just a triflin slutty man.
"Girl, that's why I don't date entertainers or athletes--because most of them ain't nothin but trash dick."

She broke up with her man because she found out what a trash dick he is.
by DeVon (a.k.a. Dj Saphyre) August 24, 2004
(adj.) A title that was bestowed onto Kansas City Royals' pitcher, Bruce Chen, by Minnesota stripper Isabel Kennedy. It is a term of endearment she uses to describe her favorite, professional athletes.
I'm about shaming trash dick pro athletes @ work; the #KCRoyals players that came in last night, spent $20 were #BruceChen & @YordanoVentura
— Feminist Stripper (@feministripper) June 30, 2014
by joeyGOATgruff July 02, 2014
Someone who sleeps all day and does not go to class and does not accomplish anything constructive.
Trey- Chase slept until 2:30 this afternoon and missed his midterm. Now he's playing Fallout 3.
Matt- What a trashdick.
by Smurph1989 March 27, 2011

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