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only the best/worst soap opera in the world. A music video drama in 10 episodes, where R. Kelly sings the parts of all the characters. starts off with R.Kelly banging a woman (kind of too old to be believable), her husband coming home, him hiding in the closet, his phone going of, him getting pulled over by a cop who is doing the dirty with his wife, who he was introduced to by the buttbuddy of the gay pastor husband of the woman r.Kelly was cheating with.
me: have you seen trapped in the closet yet?
person: no, is that like a new movie or something?
me: they play it on BET when they play videos! its r.kelly's soap opera. you gotta see it.
by drunkballerina September 28, 2005
A kind on hip-hop/opera made by R Kelly with 22 chapters in. In the story r kelly is cheating with a woman who has a husband...the husband is gay with anmother guy(who is important from bout chapter 17 onwards)..the 1st man has a wife...the wife is cheating with a cop who pulls the 1st guy over...the wife has a bro frm prison who gets shot..the cop has a wife...the wife has been cheating wid a midget(ROTFLMFAO). then the gay guy hu has da wife his partner is gay.....!!!he ses dat hes gt da the Package (wich people say is aids/hiv) so evry1 shud hav it!!!
The 1st man slpt wid the wuman/hu slept wid day gay guy/hu slept wid da utha gay guy/r kelly slept wid his wife/ da wife slept wid da cop/ d cop slept wid his wife/hu slept wid da midget! LOOOLLLLLL trapped in the closet is pointless.
by Jack Daniels GREAT(x300) grandson January 01, 2008
R. Kelley's masterpiece, this shit is art! An engaging story about somebody who's cheating on his wife with somebody who's cheating on her husband who's fucking so and so... everybody gets laid, basically.
See also-pointless.
Oh my fucking god! Everybody's cheating on everybody else and I'm trapped in a closet! OH GOD I'M ACTUALLY CLAUSTROPHOBIC. Please help me, I'm trapped in the closet, oh my god I'm going to die.
by KVENNE September 14, 2006
1. When an LGBT person is prevented from coming out, largely due to pressures from family, religion, or any other outside source that may look down on anything other than heterosexuality.

2. A 33-chapter hip hopera by R. Kelly about an infidelity that quickly spirals out of control

3. Perhaps South Park's most controversial episode, which sees Scientologists praising Stan as the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard (the title is a parody of R. Kelly's above mentioned hip hopera). While acclaimed by fans and critics (even being nominated for an Emmy), the episode remains controversial in the eyes of scientologists and is believed to have caused Isaac Hayes to leave the show.
1. I remember being trapped in the closet. It ain't easy being gay in a rural bible belt town.

2. My dad told me of a one night stand that almost turned into Trapped in the Closet

3. Trapped in the Closet is my favorite South Park episode
by gaaraoftheDamned February 17, 2014

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