One "spooky" or "goth" person placing testicles upon the face or within the mouth of another person.
"Man, I'm totally gonna give that girl a Transylvanian Teabag after the Bauhaus Concert."
by Dr. Shockwave January 22, 2009
Top Definition
To have a friend suspend a male cadaver over your face, with their testicles resting on your eye sockets, while a friend squeezes/punches the body's abdomen, releasing anal mung into your awaiting mouth.
wow! billy and peter transylvanian teabagged my uncle in the park last tuesday.
by grape July 31, 2004
It could be also a used Tampon.
Uncle Dracula picked up some used Tampons at the ladie's toilet to make his cup of tea, he called it a transylvanian teabag.
by Teahead December 27, 2006
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