In Texas Hold'em. Holding the cards A/4. When the A is the first card you see and you slowly squeeze the 4 out from under it... it appears to be an Ace... But its not!
Try and keep your poker face the next time you squeeze the transvestite.
by !!Mr_Pink777 September 23, 2005
a woman's soul trapped in a man's body, or vise versa.

often cross dresses.

"just a sweet transvestite"
the play i am my own wife or rocky horror picture show.

tim curry is the transvestite
by kelseyrobin December 23, 2006
In Texas Hold'em, having the cards Ace - 4. When you slowly squeeze the cards with the A first... at first the 4 looks like an Ace... But its not.
"I flopped 2 3 5 with the transvestite on the button"
by !!Mr_Pink777 September 15, 2005
Other word for emo.
Guy #1: Dude, is he a emo or a transvestite?
Guy #2: Idk, same thing...
by JayZor December 26, 2006

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