Someone that feels that was born with the wrong physical sex (both, primary and secondary characters). Someone that has changed her or his natal sex to the opposite. All transsexual individuals are transgender (they reject their assigned gender and express the opposite gender behaviours), but not all transgender individuals are transsexual (they do not feel their body-sex wrong nor undergo sex-change surgery).
My daughter Margaret felt being a girl since she was little, and she has had all my support!
by Khandro Ma June 16, 2005
Since most of the few articles in this section (and that of transexual - a common misspelling) are either false or downright offensive, I've decided to shed a little more light on the subject. . .
A transsexual is a person who feels they should have been born with the reproductive organs, social role, and so forth, of the 'opposite' gender. There is a tremendous difference between a transsexual and someone such as a transvestite, boi, or drag queen/king.
Contrary to popular belief, born-women (also known as FTMs) can also be transsexuals and not all transsexuals are attracted to people of their birth gender. For example, a man who wants to be a woman, and loves men would be considered a homosexual transsexual. If she loves women, she would be nonhomosexual. The terminology is difficult, especially if you're in the mindset of considering them to be who they really are.
They often undergo surgical and hormonal treatment such as mastectomy (removal of breast tissue and forming a more masculine chest) and phalloplasty (sculpting a phallus) for FTMs. At this time I don't have enough information on MTFs to name their surgeries.
There is a somewhat specific path to becoming the opposite gender that I believe most doctors follow; in the beginning, you begin dressing as your chosen gender and do so for the next two years or until your doctor gives the thumbs-up. Then, you start to take Testosterone or Estrogen (this cannot be reversed, hence the two years crossdressing) for the next couple of years. Then, generally, surgical measures will be taken.
Jim: . . .Yeah, pretty much.
#transexual #gay #lesbian #transgender #queer
by Izzzzzzzzzzy June 11, 2007
A transgender person who has undergone sex reassignment surgery. Usually of a binary gender. This term is considered outdated.
She was assigned male at birth, and identifies as a transsexual woman.
#transgender #transgendered #transexual #transman #transwoman
by MysticalMorgan June 04, 2015
The hometown of sweet transvestites.
I'm just a sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania!
-Dr. Frank-N-Furter
#rocky horror picture show #translyvania #sweet transvestite #time curry #dr frank n furter
by ScaryyMary May 06, 2010
A man who desires to be a woman or get a sex change to become the gender they always wanted to be. Someone who lives as the gender of their choice.
I am transsexual and i'm proud.
#tranny #transexual #gay #straight #transgendered #trannie #make up
by ..MIKE TODD REHMEYER... April 21, 2008
What Zelda is discussed to be in Ocarina of Time (so much for an E rated game).
If I ever find out Sheik is a damn transsexual, Zelda is officially out of my fandom list!
#zelda #sheik #transsexual #nintendo #ocarina #of #time
by Mario fan March 21, 2007
sluts with sausage / dolls with balls / babes with boners / women with wangs / chicks with dicks / moms with meat / playmates with prostates / debbies with dongs / heroines with hard-ons / dykes with dinks / bitches with beef / wives with weiners / whores with more / widows with woodies / tricks with tripods / nieces with nuts / females with foreskin / bimbos with bones / princesses with penises / nuns with knobs / skanks with scrotums / gals with gadgets / skirts with schlongs / sisters with snakes / broads with rods / tramps with testes / cunts with cocks / wenches with wee-wees / girls with gonads / nannies with nightsticks / pinays with pipes / shrews with salami / chicas with chubbies / harpies with helmets / dominatrixes with dipsticks / succubuses with sacks / maidens with members / bachlorettes with bishops / goddesses with goliaths / hoochies with hoses / vixens with vipers / foxes with fucksticks / actresses with anacondas / dames with ding-dongs / mistresses with manginas / tarts with tools / hotties with hammers / femmes with footlongs
"Look at that sister with snake. What a transsexual."
"Yeah, she's totally a vixen with viper."
#transvestite #transsensual #homo #ghey #tranny #granny
by Eclytic August 04, 2006
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