When you have sex with a stool, your phone, or a CD-rom drive.
Your mom loves transictions.
#sex #whore #penis #vagina #transictions
by anonymousing January 09, 2010
Top Definition
whatever noun or verb you need it to be.
Linds: Katie called me a bitch, I hope she gets transicted one day.

Ashton: I'm on my way to the doctor's to get a transiction, I have no choice due to this giant lump on my arm.
#paris hilton #couch #doctor #megaphone #waffles
by lindsamazing January 09, 2010
It is when you are fucking and a fart comes out.
Sarah: Alex and I were fucking last night, and I let out a transiction. It was so embarasing.
#fart #fuck #smell #shitty #poopy
by Sarahhah January 10, 2010
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