A transexual is what judges and politicians do in their spare time after work.

A transexual is when a man gets dressed up in women's clothing i.e. panties, bra, lacy crotchless knickers, suspenders, mini skirt, slutty wig, riding crop whip... You horny yet? You get the idea, or just look up the American politican Hoover.

See transsexual, tranny, trany, working girl,The Prophet Muhammad, Drag Queen, Queen of Hollywood, Hedda Hopper, Louella Parsons or Elda Furry.
Hoover said in his best transexual voice, "Does this red mini-skirt make me look too commy Hedda?"

"Please Hoover I'm on a call at the moment!"

"But Hedda the phones not even plugged in!"
by The Moody Poet August 23, 2006
Top Definition
a human being whose gender identity differs from her/his genetic sex...male to female (M2F) or female to male (F2M)...s/he may have gone through gender/sex reassignment surgery (post-op) or not yet (pre-op) or never (non-op)...

not to be confused with: intersexed - one born with mixed or ambiguous genetics; crossdresser or transvestite - one who dresses in the attire of the opposite sex, for males anything from panties or stockings to dresses and makeup; drag queen or drag/king - one who performs in attire of the opposite sex, usually a gay male or female entertainer...

transgender is simply an umbrella term for all of the above...the vast majority are crossdressers...NOT transexuals...wearing a dress, however pretty, does NOT mean that a guy is a transexual...and transexuals can be straight, gay or bi...

i can't believe the crap that's been written here about transexuals...it's all about gender identity and NOT just expression...
me...technically, i'm a M2F transexual, but i prefer to be known as a "transgedered woman"...since it's about gender identity and not sex...and i'm straight...i only date men...

think about that...if i dated women i'd be a "trans-lesbian"...
by SHExplains June 03, 2010
A term used by trans(s)exuals to take back the word from the medical community.
I am a transexual
by Roger December 14, 2003
Not really a word, but a popular misspelling of the word transsexual.
by lms June 19, 2003
A term for a man who wishes to be a woman or is in the transition to becoming a true woman. Different than 'transvestite'
I am a transexual.

Right now im Michael, Soon i'll be Michelle.
by Michael TODD Rehmeyer..... March 02, 2008
1. Any trans person that has had genital reassignment surgery or genital reconstruction surgery.

2. A very out-of-date, old-fashioned term for describing a person identifying as transgendered. It should be noted that this term is largely perceived as derogatory by the trans community, especially ftm's.

3. Completely unrelated to cross dressing/transvestism.
Buck Angel referring to himself and other ftm's as transexual is perpetuating stereotypes; calling himself "the man with the cunt" isn't helping much either.
by petrina April 03, 2007
What I am. I like to wear pretty dresses and make-up, its fun being a transexual. I get the best of both worlds!
i love being a transexual
by Salvatore Sissy August 25, 2007
A man who desires to be a woman or A man who pretends to be a woman online to pick up lesbians. Transexuals wish to make a male to female transition and sometimes do.
Sal Vitale became a transexual after taking hormones for 6 months.
by grampa. January 13, 2008
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