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A parody of Charlie Sheen's claim that he is bi-winning. Someone who is trans* and awesome is trans-winning.

Particularly useful for wittily evading questioners' attempts to force you into a narrow self-definition.
Person A: So, you said you're trans*... what are you exactly? Transsexual? Transgender?

Person B: I'm trans-winning!
by veganinaleatherjacket July 25, 2011
a parody of Charlie Sheen's claim that he is "bi-winning." A trans-winning person has the ability to both win and transform losing situations into winning situations. The phrase was coined by an amature comedian on Twitter in responce to one of Charlie Sheen's posts.
You may be bi-winning but I'm trans-winning, so suck on that!
by monster1291 May 05, 2011

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