One of the American sports cars that is compensation for having a small penis.
See also corvette, viper, and huge ass pickup truck.
by Matt May 25, 2005
A shitty car owned by a poor person who thinks they're the shit.
Ain't nobody gona get laid because of their Trans Am.
by BL107 August 14, 2005
A piece of garbage adored by redenecks everywhere. Gee, too bad you can't buy one anymore. For your info, GM discontinued the Firebird/Trans Am in 2002 due to slow sales. The Civic meanwhile, is one of the nation's top-selling cars.

From the movie White Chicks...

Brittany Wilson (holding a dildo): Never put it in your mouth. That's '80s. You might as well go buy a Trans Am!

by shenehneh April 08, 2006
A redneck Ferrari. People who drive this car share traits with Camaro owners, usually have mullets or had mullets in the past, like to get drunk on a daily occassion.
Look at that car, he wishes it was a ferrari but it gets smoked by v6 stangs all day!
by StangDriver January 31, 2005

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