Muscle car of choice for the all american young man. The epitome of all manliness unless one of the fow homogay variants of purple is chosen.
My Trans Am is less gay than your Honda.
by Daniel Gonzales December 04, 2003
the 4th Gen. Trans-Am is the best gen. made so far and is certainly by far the fastest yet made. With its 5.7L LS1 powerplant it produces 340HP in stock trim (GM underates the f-body LS1). They are bad ass muscle cars who suck these little hondas with wings and fart cannon throught the hood scoops and spit them out through the Long Tube headers. eat shit rice boys!

<--12.2 @ 110MPH
by Justin October 01, 2003
-Superior to Camaro
-Panty Dropper
-Rapes Ricers For A Living
-Pure Sex
"I once was a lonely Ricer, but my Trans Am turned me into a chick magent, thank you Pontiac"
by Bob21 April 28, 2006
Best. Muscle Car. Ever.
Me: Um... '93 TA... 5.7L v8 6speed?
*Light turns green*
Me: *gone*
Ricer: omfg my cold air intake didnt bring me over 110 HP!!!!
by Brandon October 13, 2004
Pontiac Trans Am, based on the General Motors F-body. Best examples made in third generation or older. Best if used to run blocker for a semi bootlegging Coors from Texarkana to Atlanta. New models often seen being driven by elitist idiots who dont deserve to wash a T/A.
"This is Sherrif Buford T. Justice. I am in hot pursuit of a black Trans Am"

"A 1977 Pontiac Trans Am Special Edition will still be a classic when your 5-series Bimmer is rusting away instead of driving away."
by Mike July 05, 2003
Pimp ride that that when stock smokes a shit load of Rustangs that are in stock form even mustangs that are modded.

"Rice and Rustang killer."
by Pimpin T/A September 24, 2003
An American muscle car; the top model of the Pontiac Firebird, produced from 1969 'til 2002. Originally an appearance package for the Firebird 400. The next year, '70, it actually improved performance. One noteworthy T/A is the 1970 Ram Air V. It was a rare, dealer-installed option that took the RA-IV engine, and added solid lifters and tunnel port heads. They were rated at 500bhp, a 130hp improvement from the RA-IV. Also noteworthy is the '73 T/A. it was the first to feature a large "Screaming Chicken" graphic on the hood. The top engine, a 310hp (net) 455ci Super-Duty V8 got the T/A going pretty fast. The T/A, and its sister, the Camaro, were killed off in '02. Thanks alot, ricer geeks! It I wanted to hot-rod a mini-van, I'd at least make it look decent!
A dude in a green Civic pulled up to me and said he wanted to race. i asked him, "what kind of mods do you have?" He replies, "a spoiler, pimped-out rims, a subwoofer in the trunk, and a cold air intake system." He asked me the same, and I said, "nothing. Just a stock, 415hp 400 cube Ram Air V8." He may have beat me off the line, but I won the race by a long-shot.
by Myajd jdg June 30, 2005
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