Pure badass. Comes with the ability to smoke all charley < ~ ~ > cars and is in a different ball park than their slower rival the stang. Known to haul ass anywhere they go, and burn anybody that gets in their way. They're garanteed eye candy.
My Trans Am will kill your WRX, and take your girl.
by Da Greek May 20, 2004
The Classic muscle car. One of the longest lines of the baddest street cars of their time, even the slower 80s verisons can be made fast very easily.

abberveation for trans am is T-A.
Me:Was that civic reving his rice pipe at my 89 Trans am?
Ricer: Aw man my hondas so slow and he gets 10x the pussy in his car then any honda could ever
by justin B. June 30, 2004
LS1 Ram Air or not. Vs Mustang GT, It kills it.
Vs Mufflers, or those thing kids try to build that actually cost about 200,000 to get them up to speed. Destroys them.
These cars are proven to be the fastist stock of the lot under 30 grand cars. 12.9 1/4 Mile 340 to 350 hp.
I only had the car one week.And about 6 imports tried to race me. I was even shocked. Forget winning by bumper lenghts. Try about 7 car lengths. In about a 1/4 mile. I raced everything since 5 years old, I was born in the City "not a trailor park" live high class. Tried to make about 3 diffrent imports fast. It just did not work. So had to buy a real car. And this car devistates almost all rice out their stock. And if its not stock! LOL forget it. You cant beat it.
Civic with a turbo Burns off.
I wait, humm? How long should I give him. Waiting, waiting. Salm cath him in like 2 seconds. His girlfriends in the cars slut smile goes to a frown in seconds. Before the race all the teens says his rides the best around lol.
by James Edwad the 3rd August 17, 2005
The car of choice for front yards of trashy trailer homes. Usually found on blocks since they're pretty much junk.
Bob: Hey I think i'm going to get a Trans Am.
Dave: Those things are junk.
Bob: You're right.
by pooptooth February 03, 2010
A very popular muscle car, that is in high demand by white trash motherfuckers from the trailerpark that beat their wives daily because they demanded a bush light and the wives take too long or racist neighbor hoods. Most trans am drivers hate imports because they get very anus hurt when they get whooped by a 96 civic that has $20k less put into it.
" I just spent $30.000 on my WS6 Trans am, and i got whopped by a $10.000 96 Honda that gets 10 times better gas milage than me......Maybe my mullet is too heavy."
by rj180sx December 21, 2009
the hairstyle which is shorter in front and longer in the back, otherwise known as a mullet
the other day i saw a whole family of mullets.. even the kids were sporting trans ams
by mullet hunter February 05, 2005
Also see redneck hick trailer trash mullet trailer trash trailer park nascar

A car made by Pontiac though the '70s, and '80s, and which is driven by those who wish they could afford an acual muscle car or a European import but end up spending half of their paycheque on cheap beer, and the other half on ciggarettes, and their pocket change on porn or bullets to keep the rats from living in their trailer.

Will sometimes appear in a high school student parking lot with the owner trying to become a jock, or live under the illusion that because he has a Trans Am he's cool.
guy1: "hey guys, I just got a Trans Am!"
guy2: " awsome, too bad your trailer doesn't have a garage"
by spunge May 18, 2005

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