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A Transexual

1. Someone who defines and displays themselves as the opposite sex
1. a female who has a dick / A Male who acts female
2. a Male with no dick / A Female who acts Male

"she fucks trannys and i still think she is 1"
by 71ppm4nn 5n1p3r June 23, 2008
10 21
1. transvestite
2. transsexual
3. transparency (photog.)
4. transit van (veh.)
"Fuck. I have left the trannies of the trannies in the back of the tranny."

- A fetish photographer.
by Viz March 16, 2003
2302 1144
In mechanics, a vehicle's transmission.
Pull that tranny so we can overhaul it.
by Downstrike June 04, 2004
1050 607
An extremely offensive term for a transsexual man or woman, or any of the transgendered community.

On the same level as "nigger", and "cunt" for most people, though, like "dyke", some of the transgendered community are trying to reclaim the word, without much success.
"So your girlfriend's a tranny?" "... Please don't say that... She's a woman, just like you are."
by Ishy March 23, 2006
778 583
Automobile Transmission (automotive)
"I was on the freeway when my tranny blew up"
by anon-e-mouse April 11, 2005
512 347
1. Transexual
2. Transvestite
3. Automobile transmission
Ann Coulter has major Tranny issues.
by Molitor September 17, 2003
784 681
Abbreviation for transmission that is used in NY Metro on a regular basis, but is not understood elsewhere.
I was on my way home when the tranny blew out.
by Mark Kessel January 13, 2008
156 69
1)A derogatory term for a transsexual woman, which implies she isn't a "real" woman. It is most commonly used in porn for straight cisgender men; also used in dehumanizing trans women for joke or violence.

2)A term used to insult a cissexual/cisgender person by implying that ze is a trans woman.

3)An affectionate term for any trans-identified person; language reclamation from 1st term. Most commonly used by young trans people, especially trans men & masculine genderqueers, among whom the "language reclamation" use started. Trans women have argued that this use of the term is appropriation, not reclamation, as the derogatory use of the term has almost exclusively focused on women, yet 'reclamation' efforts have largely been steered by men.
1 & 2--see "definitions" by "mike" (and variants).

3)Hey, did you hear, the Tranny Roadshow's playing at Genderblur tonight!

I thought this was a queer/trans dance. There's, like, three trannies here. They don't even have gender neutral bathrooms!
by transbitch October 31, 2007
151 77