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Slightly slang term used by many (not all) transmen, or female to male transexuals to describe their phallus. The female clitoris grows into a small penis as a result of testosterone therapy. FYI, we all start out in the womb as female, and in the beginning, we all have a clitoris. It is the introduction of hormones in the womb, determined by our chromosomes, that determine our sex.
He had never been with a transguy before, but the idea of this guys hard, wet tranny cock throbbing in those tight, faded Levis was driving him wild.
by AdamTrannyBear May 29, 2006
101 27
The male genitalia of a transexual woman.
Brent, being attracted to shemales, enjoys fantasies about trannycock.
by Floridawordman May 05, 2011
17 5
A tranny cock is when you have a penis and a vagina. You have both and then you got your operation to fix it.
I'll be fixing my tranny cock soon. Yay.
by Sal Vitale......... May 16, 2008
10 64