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A straight male who is turned on by male to female transsexuals. Tranny Chasers do not like men and are only attracted to transsexuals because they look like women. Gay men do not like male to female transsexuals because strangely enough gay men like men not women.
Guy#1: Wow Bobby's new girlfriend is super hot.
Guy#2: Did you know that she was born a dude?
Guy#1: Woah. I didn't know Bobby was gay.
Guy#2 He isn't gay He's a tranny chaser , gays don't date women, they like guys.

Guy#1: I thought you said she is a guy?
Guy#2: I said she "WAS" a guy, not "IS" a guy. Guy's don't have tits and where skirts, do they?
Guy#1: Nah I guess not.
by MarvelousRavioli December 05, 2009
174 43
Common lingo to define a guy who is sexually obsessed with transsexuals.
"He is such a tranny chaser."
by niried June 22, 2007
161 42
A straight male who has fantasies of trans women. they usually hide it, and, or are ashamed. they are not gays because gays don't want anything to do with women or what looks like a woman.(aside from friendship). they could be but are most likely not bisexuals because bisexuals prefer man or woman not man mixed with woman.
Bill: you think i should warn bob that that chick has a lump in front of her skirt?
Jason: ah no, i think hes well aware that that chick has a dick.
Bill: *sigh* bob is such a tranny chaser
by trey43 December 01, 2008
97 35
A man whose predominantly identifiable sexual preference is one whose physical attraction is overwhelmingly towards the female/feminine gender role, as well as the common preferences and actions of that category, but with the physical characteristics of a genetically male sample. Recent evidence indicates that representation of this group is most likely underrepresented in most sexual studies except those which have been conducted most recently in that field. They are not, however, meet the criteria of being typed under the vast umbrella term of "gay" or "homosexual"...
He's a trannychaser, which means he likes chicks with dicks but USUALLY (though not always) doesn't harbor any traditionally homosexual attractions and/or gender preferences...
by theperfectscheme November 19, 2012
8 7
A cisgendered male or female that is attracted to people who identify as transgender. This is usually considered an insult.
Did you hear about Katy? She's dating another transguy.

Wow, what a Tranny Chaser!
by Tranny Chasin Transguy June 07, 2011
14 15
Usually refers to disgusting, creepy, horrible "straight" men who festishize pre/non-op mtf transsexuals (more respectfully refered to as trans women). Their interest is doubly fucked for being highly unrealistic - they desire full genital functionality, which is rare and/or undesirable in most trans women, who take estrogen which inhibits genital functioning.

Unforunately the rampant transphobia of our society forces a lot of trans women to go into sex work, where they have to cater to these disgusting shitty slimeballs for a living.

Also used to refer to dykes who fetishize trans men as "really butch" and thus keep dyke cred by not admitting they might be attracted to a man.

note: this term should not be applied to the respectful, non-festishizing partners of trans people.
trans women A: That dude never looked at me twice and now he's macking all over me? Do you know what's up?
trans women B: Unforunately yes. He found out you had the trans. He's a straight-up tranny chaser.
trans women A: Ugh shit. How fucking disgusting! Thanks for the heads-up, I'll steer clear.
by nageese August 10, 2004
211 221
In addition to the other definitions, a tranny chaser refers to the multitudes of creepy guys who stalk and/or lust over the Myspace profiles of transgendered individuals - including crossdressers.
Tranny Chasers often seem to:
"Straight" or "bisexual" as their status.
Married, or have children and a family, yet list themselves as "single".
In their 30s and 40s, or older.
Have nothing but transgendered people, crossdressers, or fetish clothing people, in their friends list.
Fat, or rather unattractive.
Claim that they are "accepting of other gender types" or that they seek a "relationship" with a t-girl. (in reality, they probably are just longing for sex with one)
Never talk to you, just add you, probably for the reason of seeing the other t-girls on the friends list, AND, most importantly, so he can have access to your pictures and jack off to them.
OR, on the rare occasions that they try to initiate conversation, they come off as nice guys, but its soon clear that they are just wanting to cyber.

Speaking as a t-girl in her 20s, it's rather disconcerting to know that such perverts lusting after me.

F*ck tranny chasers. Seriously.
by kirE August 02, 2009
43 56