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An idividual who is assigned a feminine gender role at birth to concure with hir female sex; in actuality ze has a masculine gender identity and lives as a boy all or part of the time. Tranny boys are in the early phase of transitioning from female to male and have either just begun or have not yet begun medical intervention(such as hormone therapy).

Brandon Teena was a tranny boy.
by Mateo October 29, 2003
87 32
Trannyboy is a term denoting a female-to-male (FtM) transsexual person. FtM individuals may or may not choose to transition their bodies to their proper gender using hormone therapy or SRS.

As with many terms for transgender individuals, the term "trannyboy" should be used with discretion. Some members of the trans community might find a given term offensive where others do not.
Steven was born female-bodied but identifies as a male. He lives and presents himself as male, and calls himself a "trannyboy".
by JamesKSterling August 17, 2007
41 6
a tranny boy is a boy who is really a girl. A tranny boy can fool somebody into thinking they male at first but then they find out they female. Trannny supriseeee!
Vitale turned out to be a tranny boy with a vagina.
by Mike is back May 16, 2008
26 78