the act of smelling like train wreck
Joe was so T-Rank last night that my parents almost caught us
by Klint March 28, 2007
Top Definition
(verb) to relax. As in trank out. Derived from "tranquilizer"
"After a glass of wine and a good nap I was so tranked out."
by A.B. April 12, 2005
tranks also means pills that calm you down (sedatives and benzodiazepines). Short for tranquilizers.
Why did my doctor take away my tranks?
by caitlin February 20, 2005
Tramp and Skank combined into one.
What a Trank, Shut up you stupid Trank, Get away from me Trank
by Matt Mtz, Isaac G. July 26, 2008
verb - to trank. To intentionally add preposterous or nonsensical editorial to a funny story in order to sabotage the humor of it.
Thanks for tranking the story Sean. Or... He just tranked the whole joke.
by Aaron Trank September 07, 2005
A train wreck of a skank that is notorious for getting out of control wasted. A trank will show up to a party, go for any guy, his friends, or any other piece of dick that looks twice at her.

Also used as an adjective in conjuction with another term: ex. Trank-Ass Ho's
Tranked-Out Bitches
Tranky-Lookin Females
Bro One: So I heard Stacey's coming out to the party tonight

Bro Two: Stacey? You mean that fahckin tranked out mess that puked all over the dishes and then tried to make out with me?

Bro One: Ya...

Bro Two: Smh
by PKP339 January 25, 2012
1.)The given name for the Canadian writer who writes short fiction.
(i.e. "Have you read the latest work by Trank?")

2.) A name given to people in a mellow state of mind.
(i.e. That guy is so Trank; the relaxed just flows from him.")
#1 - (i.e. "Have you read the latest work by Trank?")

#2 - (i.e. "That guy is so Trank; the relaxed just flows from him.")
by T. Will Izer December 30, 2008
A cross between a tramp and a skank
"Bonquisha is such a trank"
by ToThisDay7 July 05, 2015
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