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a popular canadian soldier front player, he is given the title of best canadian player and in the top 50 for skill overall. he has been in the great clans of soldier front such as FKA, lkml, WeOwNU , WWO, and delierum. his weapon of choice is the m4a1 and psg(sniper). he is well known for his humerous gamplay and all out style which basically means he think he can take out the entire team, AND HE DOES. he is known as one of the pioneers of using the mg36 and tapping into the guns true power. some say trancinn is a 15 year old chineese kid living in scabrough but he plays like a professional regardless.
weather you think your good or not, trancinn is better
by jefferySF November 17, 2007
a popular soldier front player that is recently number 1 in canada and top 100 in north america.His favourite weapons of destruction are the AK-74 and the PSG-1 along with the underrated noob cannon the mg36. his clutch skills as a sniper and his godly like skills with the AK and mg36 make trancinn a force to take on. however, contray to popular belief, trancinn is horrible at using the popular weapon m4a1.
wow trancinn, how'd you do that?
by adam su January 23, 2008
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