The orignal trance was hard but the new 1 be harder
man your goin 2 get tranced by trance
by bhb August 05, 2003
"Its not just music, its a state of mind"

Yeah, right. State of imbecilness!
Proclaimed "Music of the intelligent" by its listeners, when in fact you cant be any further from the truth. Listening to trance "music" (not really music because MUSIC is made with instruments and vocals not computers) turns you into a fucking moron.
Friend of mine said, "give a guitar (or any other instrument..) to a trancie and reason & intellect will come around again.
Me: Trance is not music, its sound play at most.
Trancie: Nononononoo u stupid man u need 130 IQ tu anderstand man!foolis man zomfg get brains!

Me: Its friday so I will be enjoying a splendid open-air consert tonight, what about You?
Trancie: Ouh me?Imma go to club to get shitfaced and plug myself full of extacy and get an overdose,c ya tumorro!
by MusicFan2 July 10, 2008
A type of extremely mint music otherwise known as "Hard House"
Trance is amazing but not as good as hard dance
by J January 06, 2005
Garbage that Euro-Trashers have been passing off for music.
"Wearing tight silver pants that fag from Amsterdamn tried playing a Trance CD in CBGS'S. He was promtly beaten to death with alluminum bats."
by dbagdarrel June 28, 2006
A terrible catching disease that spreads like hot fire!! It occurs when trance-kids consume way too many drugs on a regular basis and then become ''tranced- out'' DONT LET THE TRANCE GET YOU!!
dammit...trance just fucked this party up!
by xyrax March 15, 2005
An annoying "musical" genre that I don't listen to, it usually consists of electronical beats, beeps, and all this other crap. It all sounds relatively similar and gets repetitive after 30 seconds, you can't even dance to this. The only person who can make me listen to trance is Ayumi Hamasaki, and even her trance remixes aren't that great.
Trance is nothing short of crap.
by Chris March 15, 2005
What fags listen to..............
There's this guy that listens to trace - Bet he's a fag.
by Aqualung April 08, 2005
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