Alot of people like trance. White people.

Techno actually is where you come across the more trancey and hypnotic, mind-massaging pieces of music
(Maurizio, Surgeon etc)

The roots of techno are basically afro-american & german. Trance seems restricted to the european and anglo communities and/or mindset. Israel people are also heavily into their Trance!

Trance is also very popular in germany where many of its greatest producers came from! But its not generally a style that black people were influenced by in the way that they were by Kraftwerk. Techno and hip hop and house are all interrelated in that sense

And yes i'm familiar with many sub-genres of trance. The psytrance crews do put on great parties/doofs though. Its just a pity about the non-funkiness of the music

Pyschedelic - trance ain't and techno is.
Hypnotic - trance ain't and techno is
Truly druggy - trance ain't, techno is
Trance never hypnotised me but techno gets me tranced every time what IS the deal here man

Noah can we PLEASE get away from this trance party, I need to dance
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by seo sism March 06, 2010
Lifeless electronic music of the 4/4 variety. Wishes it were techno. Signified by aggravatingly long drum rolls, low-frequency synth stabs opposite every downbeat and positively mindless melodies that evoke no feeling in serious-minded electronic music enthusiasts. Trance music is often favoured by unsocialized "emo" teens and grown men with ambiguous sexual identities.

Synonyms: garbage, junk, soulless.
Antonyms: Techno.
Doof-bwomp-doof-bwomp-mary-had-a-little-lamb-doof-bwomp..! "Trance, yeah!"
#garbage #junk #soulless #trance #electronic music
by Proton1 August 11, 2009
Slow lyric, fast beat.

Although trance may have links to all types of music, this is the simplest way it can be explained.

The general public's exposure to this music is limited to "club anthems" and other saturday night remixes on radio stations.
DARUDE -male trance artist
by CHRISTIAN LARDY February 26, 2005
much-maligned sub-division of the electronic music genre known as techno, characterised by fast, pounding beat and repetitive synth stabs
This Knights of the Jaguar record is a terrific trance anthem!
by Mad Munter September 17, 2003
The designer guy that sits across from me. A heavily tatooed individual usually wearing dreadlocks and a smile, not much else though.
Trance is one crazy mother fucker. Boy, that Trance, let me tell you, he is one crazy mother fucker. See Trance sit. Design Trance, Design!
by Asscock Fan September 03, 2003
Music that requires no talent or musical ability to create. It is the “creation” of so-called “producers” who fancy themselves as actual musicians. Most “artists” who “write” trance music have very limited skills at playing an instrument or singing. Lyrics, if any, are usually elementary level at best. Trance is “composed” primarily via programs such as Logic and Appleton by using pre-recorded loops. Occasionally, the “producer” will place the tip of his penis onto a midi controller to trigger a few spacey sounds drawn from from an extensive data base of virtual (not real) instruments provided by Steve Jobs. Trance music lacks humanistic feel made possible by the use of real instruments. Any monkey with an index finger and a laptop can be an award-winning trance artist. Trance is very popular in Europe with drug users who don’t know when to go home. It should be said that the most popular “artworks” are usually the worst. The general public usually knows nothing about art which is why Vanilla Ice’s album sold 6 million copies. Some say that trance is “music for people with I.Q.’s over 130” which is interesting since it takes only an I.Q. of 30 to create. These people fail to realize that a high I.Q. has nothing to do with being informed or musically educated. In fact, most “trance snobs” couldn’t tell you that the current song on the radio is sung by The Beatles. Seriously, if ever there was a wrong style of music to be a snob about, it’s trance.
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by ChristopherHitchensLovesMetal April 25, 2010
It gives you AIDS. Run while you can.
Amiry- Hey dude do you listen to Trance? Because it's the best genre of music EVAR!!11ELEVAN1

Kevin- No. I don't want AIDS.
#trance #aids #tiesto #electronic #music
by Doesn't want AIDS May 07, 2007
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