A type of electronic music, usually around 130-140 bpm, but can also be slower or faster. Most songs have some sort of break that is all atmospheric and then gradually builds up and the beat kicks in again.

Its called trance because people say it usually puts them into a dreamy and uplifting mood.

While trance is one of the leading styles in EDM scene. There are many people that hate trance, because they think it is boring and repetitive and lacks creativity unlike more artistic genres such as minimal techno. But mostly people get that illusion because they don't hear the good trance and just hear songs that are so basic, you'd think they were created using some calculated formula...

While trance music has changed a lot over the years and it seems like its getting too soft, there is still some trance out there that is way out of the box and keeps pushing the boundaries of the style combining the best of current and old EDM and is just purely mindblowing. Such music is a massive pleasure to listen to once you find it.
A: "Hey, I just listened to this really old album by BT. Wow! Why didnt i ever hear of him before?"

B: "Its because all the kids are busy listening to the cheesy and repetitive crap from people like Basshunter and you never really hear the good artists. Thats why all those other techno-heads are hatin' on trance.."
by audiozombie June 24, 2012
Music (along with house) that was created for people that enjoy life, raves, big ass festivals (such as sensation white, armin only, Ultra Music Festival in beautiful Byscane Park Miami, every single club in sexy IBIZA, SPAIN, etc), and basically progressive people (which house and trance have a subgenre called like it).
Music that's more than music....almost a fucking way of life. As some said, there's some pretty cheesy trance, but then there are masterpieces especially from Armin van Buuren, and many other tracks released by Armada, Enhanced records, Anjunabeats, and other proven quality records which attrack millions.
Armin van Buuren's ASOT attracts about 30 million listeners weekly (largest audience in the fucking world after BBC radio), and his ASOT 500 was celebrated in 5 continents, 5 countries, 5 weeks....
Trance and House festivals (and edm in general except techno which is a piece of shit), are like no other. The ambience, the people, the lights, the sound...ex: Sensation White....can't be compared to shitty rap concerts, reggaeton (which I have gone to, since I liked that kind of music before listening to house and EDM), or any other kind of music.
Electronic Music is the shit....everything else seems lame ater that. Look up in youtube the festivals and be delighted.
2 people planning a trip:
Guy 1: Hey man, Ima go to Chicago cuz Lil Wayne will do some shit concert overthere. Wanna go?
Guy 2: Hell no, I don't wanna get raped....Ima go to Ibiza, Spain where the best clubs in the world are, enjoy the sexy beach with topless Europeans, fuck some Euro chicks, go to another rave in a 6000+ capacity club and enjoy trance/house/EDM, and come back with a smile :D
by Amsterdam!!!!!!! October 08, 2011
trance is a definition for one of the best music types in the world. there are different types of trance music such as; progressive, psychedelic, and goa.
sasha's expander is one of the best trance anthems ever.
by el turco July 10, 2008
A category of the Electronica genre. I find it to be particularly awesome. Great for relaxing, thinking, dancing, and just listening to. Usually your friend might not agree with this and may call it "gay" they aren't true friends, but that's another definition. This is the perfect music to listen all the time.
Me: "Dude, Trance is awesome, come listen to 009 Sound System, Dreamscape!"
"friend": "What ever, that's gay, you should listen to Kanye West."
Me: "No thanks, I'll pass"
by Derkek January 23, 2010
An extinct form of electronic dance music (EDM for short) that has been wiped out of superiority by way of popularization and commercialization.
Trance used to be good throughout the 90s and early 2000s when it actually contained a beat you could dance to and a melody that could almost literally put you in a trance (hence the name of the genre). Now it's all a bunch of shoddy "HousePop" made by primitive DJs that are trying their absolute hardest to stay in the picture and make money as a result of their chosen career.
by blaqueplague November 13, 2013
trance kicks ass! paul van dyk is the god of trance. mostly played in clubs.
person 1: hey do you like paul van dyks song castles in the sky?
person 2: yeaaah one of the best songs of trance!
by __blonde October 15, 2006
A genre of music defined by these three things:

1. All electronic instruments
2. Computer-generated, not played by actual people
3. Has at least one synth that sounds like:

A) Humming with teeth clenched

B) Phased whistle

C) A and B combined
Trance music is really awesome.
by MpegEVIL June 19, 2011

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