A genre of music suited for the more advanced and sophisticated personality. For people who like to engage in intellectual thought and experince thier own emotions in a way that exceeds traditional writting or music. Music that can relax a busy mind or inspire one to excel and achieve great things emotionaly and spritialy.

Girls like to dance. So if you want to meet girls, go to a trance club. Thats how I met my wife.
Song:Im not fooled - by: John 00 Fleming - Album: Creamfields. I was lsitening to this song when I was re-united with my wife after spending 1 year in Afgan and 1 year in Iraq. It was also the same song I listened to when I had to leave to go to war and cryed like a baby. Trance music can enhance your true emotions and adapt to any situation.
by DJ Smoke July 18, 2006
Trance is a pleasant sound hypnotic electronic dance music which is great at clubs! it is the best form of techno/electronica music ever invented!
"Trance isn't just about the beat, it's about the movement of the beat, the sound, the life behind the music you are listening to. Listen to it the wrong way and you'll miss everything."
by trancemaster July 05, 2004
A form, or a state, of traveling between nearby star systems, and to a lesser extent, between galaxies with relation to epic, melodic, and/or uplifting trance music.
After listening to the trance song, "Elements of Life," by DJ Tiesto, Kensuke took a one-way, first-class flight to the closest star system, Alpha Centauri.
by L3atHaFaC3 July 10, 2008
Music listened to only by people with High IQ's. The Best form of music ever to grace the earth.
(Einstein is writing an equation.....)

"Oh Shizer I am Stuck!"

(Turns on Wireless and listens to DJ Tiesto - Lord Of Trance)

"Good God I Think Ive Got It!"

(Einstein goes on to write Relativity Theory and wins a Nobel Prize.)
by BlahBlah299308 August 27, 2007
A type of Electronic Dance Music. Reached it's peak in the late 90's where Trance actually became somewhat mainstream in the U.S.
Although not as strong as it used to be...Trance is far from dead. Rather it is simply just evolving into different forms(Progressive Trance is the style now these days).
Popular in Europe.
Trance...best music ever.
by Bobby De Niro March 23, 2006
The best form of music that has ever been created.
Guy 1: " hey johnny what u listening to? "
Guy 2: " I'm listening to the best form of music "
Guy 1: " it must be TRANCE "
Guy 2: " well DUH "
by lj hooker January 20, 2007
TRANCE, it's not just a type of music. It's a STATE OF MIND.
Trance, f**king amazing. =]
by MEE =] January 27, 2008

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