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When you're so into a trance song or mix that it fully puts you into a "trance," thus came the name of the genre of music. It makes you tune out of life and makes you feel like you're in a new world; you feel "ecstasy". Kind of like when you're on drugs, ESPECIALLY the drug ecstasy. Trance and both the drug and feeling of ecstasy go hand in hand together, they create simmilar mood out comes. When you get that high feeling as if you were on ex, but from just listening to a LIVE trance mix, then you are trance FUCKED.
It does this because the mixed sounds are very flowing, nicely blended. Trance songs are mostly with a heavy fast paced repetitive pattern which trigger a spiritual activity in the brain to produce serotonin; a brain chemical/hormone which induces happy emotions in a person. Ecstasy does the same but with heavier amounts of serotonin. Trance does this through meditation, and ecstasy does it through chemicals, that is why they fit so good together.
omg dude, i was at guvernment last night, the trax were SO LIVE! got me so trance fucked!

lets get trance fucked with some X baby!
by Lina SB 'LynxXx' Chan November 28, 2007
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