1. A trampolinist is usually someone who used to do gymnastics, but couldn't handle it. They are usually lazy.
2. A wanna be gymnast.
3. Somebody that jumps around on a trampoline, slacks off, and calls themselves a gymnast.
ex: She went to be a trampolinist, gymnastics was too tough for her.
by Bubba Bublblegum November 22, 2006
Top Definition
someone who has the guts to jump 30 ft. in the air do multiple flips and manage to stay in a tiny box part of usa-GYMNATICS.
I'm a trampolinist, gymnastics was'nt gutsy enough for me.
by KayRy October 26, 2007
1) an awesome, extremely sexy person who has the guts to jump 20 meters in the air doing multiple somersaults.
wearing tights.

2) not a gymnast

3) a straight, male gymnast
person 1: damn your sexy!
person 2: yeah, im a trampolinist
by megadethmaniac2604 September 10, 2011
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