(n.) A term used to refer to an ass that a person would want to 'jump all over'.
Damn son, Beyonce's got a fine trampoline!
by Melissa J July 08, 2006
to catch a body; kill a person intentionally.
yo i just trampolined a nigga
Dat dude from m.a. trampolined dat nigga on da block
by JaeO August 17, 2008
It is slang for a girl or hoochie who likes to sleep around with many partners. She is known as a tramp and also used and bounced on much like a trampoline you buy at the store.
(sentence): "I'm feeling horney... lets go to club and find us some trampolines."

(example): Christina Aguilera, and probably your girlfriend!!
by LiL GINA February 22, 2004

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