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To get pissed in a garden with girls n boys ; then passin out in tents (or anywhere dat feels relatively safe for you to sleep on)
.....dat was sum real tramp campin last nite- ooo yeh mo fucker
by Shaneo October 26, 2003
1. a meeting of smelly tramps with buckets full of alcohol whom sleep in an array of tents arranged as such to resemble a settlement

2. a plastic housing estate often made up of famous tramps such as ya mam, ya gran, russians, bambinos, gayboys, harry potter characters

3. Home of the Barsnley Brother

4. Official Sponsor of the Special Olympics 08
Tramp camp 08
Tramp camp 09
by grannytramp August 04, 2009
The name that homeless people use for Secure Waiting Space or Safe Bay, two overcrowded shelters for men, on Currie Avenue North, In Minneapolis, MN.
Damn, no beds here? I'm heading to Tramp Camp.
by burdgirl February 12, 2011