A term used in the online game Ultima Online. One who prefers to play in the facet of Trammel (non-PVP), also known as a "trammy" or "trammelite". Often used as a derogatory term by those who prefer the Felucca facet.
d00d, did you see me pwn taht trammie?
by Casey January 05, 2004
TRAMADOL-trammies are a narcotic very similar to oxy but in smaller doses, 4 trammies=1 oxy
is he trippin on some oxys?

nah man hes trippin on those trammies!
by chronic christ April 25, 2009
A person who drives a tram in Australia, particularly on the great Melbourne Tramway System in the State of Victoria.
Ol' Ted's a trammie.
by RT4721 January 07, 2004

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