Britney Spears in general, highlighting many Britney incidents such as her comeback on MTV's recent Video Music Awards, fumbling her baby, showing her cooter and shaving her head, just to name a few.
The 2007 VMAs were home to the biggest trainwreck comeback of the year.
by Ashl and Krissy September 12, 2007
A way to describe how one can't look away from something that is appalling or disgusting, due to it's bizarre or unusual nature.
My God... Did you see the video of that fat lady on a treadmill? What a train wreck. I couldn't look away.
by Duffman1 May 03, 2007
While vigorously having sex your hog pops all the way out and then catches the rim on way back in, causing it to bend in half sideways like the boxcars in a train wreck. A bad case of liquor dick will increase the chances of this occurring.
1. "Man, the other night she was riding me when I had a huge train wreck. My dick has been blue for two days."

2. "I was banging her from behind last night but I was so hammered I kept having train wrecks."
by toastage March 29, 2009
When a girl/guy gives you head but has braces...
DUDE... my penis is bleading i got a TRAINWRECK! from a girl and now its all scrathed up.
by jagster1214 April 12, 2009
Sex between 3 men and a woman in which one man inserts his penis in her vagina, a different man enters her anus, and the third member receives a blowjob from her at the same time.
Your mom got trainwrecked last night when those 3 guys from bingo night all had sex with her at the same time.


What happened to "secret" when Phyllis and May piled on him!
by sunshine September 19, 2004
Any person who looks or dresses badly
OMAGAWD Cory!! you look like a total train wreck!!!
by bigg3469 April 01, 2009
See: Miley Cyrus
Friend: Did you see Miley Cyrus twerking? It's a train wreck.
You: What? Lemme see.

3 Minutes Later
You: Fuck you.
Ex-Friend: What?
by CurrentlyNauseous August 25, 2013

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