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The courtesy whistle made when pulling a train to signal that your turn is over and that it is time for the next in line.
I had a hard time blowing my train whistle after I blew my load on your mom's face.
by T. Cotton November 01, 2007
The trifecta of sound created when a girl farts, burps, and queefs simultaneously
Ashley let out a Train Whistle so loud it stopped traffic.
by Frankie Puscher August 31, 2015
1. a person who has an awful voice
2. a boy or girl that has a voice like most Lindseys do.
girl 1: OMG, her voice sounds like Lindsey's!
girl 2: I know, what a disgusting voice she has. Sounds like a trainwhistle.
by hahayeayeamothafucka February 21, 2009
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