A hillbilly, or redneck, who does crack, crystal meth, or other drugs of that nature...and of course, lives in a trailer
that meth-head over there is trailer trash.
by anonymous October 09, 2004
Contrary to what the billboards may tell you, the trailer parks aren’t populated by benevolent seniors who play golf in their back yards, and choose low-income housing out of pure humility. The fact of the matter is, they attract the dregs of society like a giant porch light attracting moths.

Trailer park tenants can be broken down into five categories.

Category One: the potheads. Strangely, they don’t seem to care that their plants are clearly visible, and poking through every orifice of the trailer.

Category Two: the slackers. Television is their life, even though they’re been so doped up by category one that they haven’t registered anything since the final episode of “M*A*S*H”.

Category Three: the crazies. Typically living in portable trailers, for no other reason than to shake them wildly when the fevered dreams come.

Category Four: the missionaries. These live in the “high-end” district of the trailer park. Representatives of the Mormon religion, they wander two-by-two through the wilderness, often thinking back to the great one man conversion of ’89.

Category Five: the hippies. Closely related to category one, except this group grows pot only for themselves (It’s strictly medicinal – treatment for their cocaine and heroin addictions).
A strange smell wafts through the air. The echo of gunshots. A half-naked man stumbles drunkenly down the road.

Welcome to trailer trash town, may I take your order?
by fetusboy February 20, 2006
Trashy people who live in trailers.
That whore ain't nothin' but trailer trash.
by DiamondPrincess August 04, 2003
A person (and I use the term loosely) whose most noble purpose in life is human sacrifice to the tornado gods that strike their magnificent trailer parks.
Jerry Springer guests are trailer trash that he scraped off the Appalachian Mountains.
by Electrical Semen June 19, 2006
normally a person who is white and once lived in a trailer and pisses everyone off and looks like shit most of the time see red neck or hick
oh my god its tricia what an asshole nope she is not that she is just trailer trash
by emily August 05, 2004
Any person who attempts to join a conversation about a movie using only the knowledge obtained from the movie's trailer.
Person 1- Man, The Hangover was hilarious!!!
Person 2- Ha, "Paging Dr. Faggot!!"
Person 3- I love the part when the one friend finds the other friend's tooth, haha.
Person 1+2- Shut up, trailer trash!
by Hood/Smiddy February 02, 2010
people who live in trailers AND are trashy...alcohol...wife beaters....
"Dude, dont date Becky, she's trailer-trash!"
by Amy December 15, 2004

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